Foreign Affairs

Foreign affairs have figured significantly at Unijuí. Currently it has agreements with higher education institutions in several countries, having received students from Guinea Bissau, Angola, Cape Verde, Panama, Paraguay, Germany, Poland, Spain, Austria and Chile. Unijuí has exchange programs with higher education institutions such as the University of Tübingen, Germany; Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain; and University of Porto, Portugal. In postgraduate studies, international scientific cooperation occurs through joint research and exchange of researchers and university teachers of the programs developed by the Institution.


Benefits to Exchange Students

An exchange relationship with foreign cultures means both sending students abroad as well as hosting foreign students. Unijuí has an Office of Foreign Affairs that provides all information related to academic exchange as well as it assists foreign students while studying at Unijuí. Unijuí offers foreign exchange students 4 free housing places in its student’s hall Unicasa. It is an excellent site to straightly coexist  with Brazilian young persons. Besides the student hall, the towns where Unijuí has its campuses offer a good array of lodgings and houses that can be rented by students.