Leisure and Culture

Unijuí performances significant culture, sports and leisure projects which disseminate concepts such as integration, civil rights and life quality. So there is the Anthropological Museum Diretor Pestana and its vast regional memory preserving collection; the Unijuí Choir that promotes Unijuí by music; the Unijuí Theater Group with a variety of cultural shows; and the dancing, wrestling and gymnastics performing Cadagy Company.


Ethnic Diversity

Ijuí, where are situated Unijuí’s main campus and its headquarters, is known as Land of Diverse Cultures, housing an important movement coordinated by the Ethnic Union of Ijuí with its yearly National Festival of Diverse Cultures. Ijuí, settled in one of the most fertile regions of Rio Grande do Sul, was the first settlement project of the Brazilian Republic. In 1890 it was inhabited mainly by three different groups of immigrants: Polish, Germans and Italians. The peculiarities of the town attracted new immigrant waves, among them Latvians, Portuguese, Austrians, Afro-Brazilians, Swedish, Spanish, Arabian, and Dutch ones. This ethnic and cultural diversity enriches exchanging experiences of foreign exchange students at Unijuí.