Research & Innovation

Unijuí strongly contributes to scientific and technological development in its region

Unijuí’s scientific research comprises four master programs and one PhD program counseled by the Federal Board of Education. Unijuí maintains an Institutional Research Fund associated with fundraising among external partners providing conditions to develop and to improve institutional research. Unijuí has several research groups listed at the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development dealing with more than one hundred institutional research projects that bear a strong impact on scientific, technological, educational, social, cultural and economic development of the region and the State of Rio Grande do Sul. Research teams are made up of researchers, graduate and undergraduate students as well as technicians. By means of four scientific sponsor programs Unijuí encourages undergraduates to promote research improving their academic training. For this purpose it offers more than 200 research fellowships. The Postgraduate Studies, Research and Services Vice Presidency includes several institutional entities to manage research: the Technologic Innovation Center providing advice and support to protect intellectual property and to transfer technology into productive sectors. The Project Consultation Center managing and encouraging fundraising among national and international agencies and enterprises; it provides advice and technical support to the researcher during project processing and execution. The Scientific Committee, a strategic and technical advice entity. The Ethical Committee in Research Involving Human Beings. The Ethical Committee for Animals Usage in Research.