Graduate Program in Law

Master degree

Grade 4

History and Proposal of the Program

The creation of the Graduate Program in Law and the implementation of the Master Course in Human Rights in 2012 was the result of a work carried out by the Department of Legal and Social Sciences, by the Master Course in Development (particularly its research line in Law, Citizenship and Development) and the Research Group on Human Rights and Development. The Program aims at generating and consolidating research and scientific production through the training of researchers, teachers and other professionals qualified to work in the field of law and related areas. It has interdisciplinarity as a methodological reference as well as the recognition, institutionalization and protection of human rights as its fundamental subject. The program also intends to intervene in reality through critical reflection and the search for alternatives that may contribute to a greater awareness of the centrality of human rights, democratic societies and their greater effectiveness within States and at international level.

Target Audience

The main target audience of the Master Course are Law Graduates and professionals from related areas.