Research & Innovation

Unijuí strongly contributes to scientific and technological development in its region

As a university, Unijuí assumes as one of its primary responsibilities its contribution to scientific and technological development of the country through research. Unijuí invests in strengthening of research groups by encouraging regional interaction, in formation of networks of researchers, interaction with companies and in national and international scientific cooperation.

Fostering research

  • Ressearcher - Annually, notices are issued for teachers and students interested in developing research.
  • Student - Learn how to participate in the programs of scientific initiation fellowships and technological initiation and innovation.
  • Advising - Technical support to researchers, support to funding and promote partnerships.

Linking University and Company

  • Entrepreneurship - Encouraging the creation of your company, offering the infrastructure and support in the administration of your business.
  • Technologic Innovation - Support for innovation and technology transfer.


Incubator for Technologic Innovation - Criatec

Its mission is to leverage entrepreneurship and innovation in the region of UNIJUÍ, seeking to receive projects where technology represents high added value or companies from traditional branches that want to add value to their products through technological increase.

Criatec's vision is to be the regional promoter of innovation-driven small and medium-sized enterprises, providing infrastructure and support in the management of its business, with a view to growing companies and strengthening the regional economy.

The goals of Criatec are:

  • to foster the creation of enterprises by advice;
  • to improve and intensify technology transfer;
  • to create skilled and long-lasting jobs;
  • to attract and link know-how to the region;
  • to promote the emergence of a technology park;
  • to foster change in the local economic structure;
  • to create and encourage a climate of innovation in the region;
  • to encourage cooperation between local actors.

Incubator for Solidary Economy, Development and Social Technology - ITECSOL

The general objective of the Incubator is to contribute to the strengthening of the actions that promote the Solidarity Economy. The aim is to ensure that collective relations of work and income generation are increasingly strengthened and that the individuals involved are increasingly qualified to participate, organize self-management processes and ensure social, economic, political, cultural and ecological sustainability.

Technological Innovation

Unit for Innovation and Technology

Its main mission is the interaction between university and company, expecting so to generate concrete benefits for UNIJUI and the whole society through knowledge produced at the University. See some of the activities developed:

  • Promotion of technological development: promotion of an innovative culture by organizing events for students and regional audiences in order to foster an entrepreneurial culture to develop innovations and technologies.
  • Protection of intellectual property: registering industrial property and copyrights at national and international bodies, as well as the follow-up for record keeping. It is of fundamental importance for every researcher that, when designing a project idea, he or she contacts NIT / AGIT to receive the necessary assistance to ensure the success of the research.
  • Technology transfer: it focusses on the negotiation of the technology transfer process from the University to the productive sector, being responsible for administrative and legal referrals. It also comprises the processes of technology transfer to society and to other institutions / research centers.

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