Graduate Program in Regional Development

Master’s and Doctorate Degree

Grade 4

History and Proposal of the Program

Activities of Graduate Program in Development began in 2002. Its evaluation 2010-2012 attests the strength and quality of the program and places it among the best Master programs in Brazil in its field of knowledge.

The Masters and Doctorate (this since 2016) courses in Regional Development aim at qualifying researchers and professionals capable of understanding and critically interfering in social processes and challenges of regional development, having interdisciplinarity as a methodological reference and developing socially constructed areas as a research theme.

Target Audience

Target audiences are Graduates in Higher Education (for the Master's degree) and Masters of Science (for the Doctoral degree) graduated in Humanities and Social Sciences  -- Administration, Economics, Accounting, Agrarian and Political Science, Law, Psychology, Communication , Informatics, Social Service, Architecture, History, Geography, Sociology or other courses ‑- and areas that have some relation to socioeconomic development.