Graduate Program in Integral Health Care

Master's Degree

Grade 3

Curricular Structure

Compulsory Subjects

The compulsory subjects aim to provide the foundation of the research in Integral Health Care as well as a basic training on a set of reflections around the thematic axis common to the two lines of research of the course.

Elective Subjects

These disciplines aim to provide a solid theoretical and practical formation. These elective curricular components, although common to the Course, are intended to allow each Master's student to compose his / her curriculum purposeful to his / her pre-project.

Master in Integral Health Care – curriculum 2018

Compulsory Disciplines

Discipline CH Nº CR
Epidemiology 30 2
Education in Health 30 2
Public politics in Health 30 2
Research in Health I 30 2
Research in Health II 30 2
Celular and Molecular Biomarkers of the People 30 2
Physiopathology of Non-Transmissible Cronic Diseases 30 2
Total: 210 14

Elective Subjects

Discipline CH Nº CR
Physiologic Bases of Physical Exercises for Special Populations 30 2
Physical Rehabilitation of Non-Transmissible Cronical Diseases 30 2
Nutritional Evaluation and Intervention in Individuals and Populations 30 2
Chemical and Biological Experiments Applied in Health 30 2
Experimentation in Animal Models 30 2
Total: 150 10

Supervised Activities

Discipline CH Nº CR
Supervised Activities I 15 1
Supervised Activities II 15 1
Supervised Activities III 15 1
Supervised Activities IV 15 1
Supervised Activities V 15 1
Total: 75 5

Themed Seminar

Discipline CH Nº CR
Themed Seminar: Interdisciplinary Approach in Health 30 2
Total: 30 2