Graduate Program in Education in Sciences

Master and Doctorate

Grade 5


Possibilities of scholarships for the Master’s degree:

UNIJUÍ Master’s Scholarships: are granted in quotas defined annually. There are granted partial scholarships of 50% of the monthly fee are granted as well as full scholarships. In order to win the scholarship, it is necessary to obey a ranking order of the students in the selection process established by the Program and not have an employment relationship with UNIJUÍ. In addition, the scholarship holder must have at least two shifts a week to dedicate yourself to the activities of the Program if benefitting  from a partial scholarship, and four shifts a week when benefitting a full scholarship. Check out the resolution (Portuguese only).

Funding agency grants award in specific calls for proposals: CAPES / FAPERGS, CNPq,  CAPES, Doctorate Exchange Scholarships CAPES.